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Antioch Writers Group

Are you a writer? Do you have a short story, poetry, or even a whole novel inside you that is just dying to get out? For those who endeavor to create the perfect sentence, plot, character or world building, input from a writer’s group can be particularly advantageous. In addition to creating a community of support and encouragement, a writer’s group also provides the necessary critiquing of each other’s work that is essential to honing your writing skills. This is a safe space, anything besides encouragement and constructive criticism will not be tolerated.

Meetings are held virtually via Zoom and in-person at the library on the third Tuesday of each month. Please register here and do not sign up on Meetup.

Members may send the work they would like to discuss to the email below, at least a week before the meeting. It will then be emailed to the other members to read and make notes. Members are encouraged to keep work to under 1500 words each.

Please contact Larisa if you have any further questions.


Live Writing – Antioch Writers

Join us in person for an hour of spontaneous, creative writing exploration and discussion. This offshoot of the Antioch Writers Group will meet in person only to play with a variety of writing exercises, and to discuss and support one another in building regular writing practices into our lives. Weather permitting we may choose to write outside.

Live writing is a great way to find new inspiration, break through habits, and find source material for new work. We give our internal self-editor a break and write in the moment, tuning into our surroundings and allowing ourselves to be informed by our senses and the lived experiences in our bodies.

Meetings are held in-person at the library on the first Tuesday of each month. Please register here.

Please contact Larisa if you have any further questions.

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