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  • Games to Enjoy During the Holiday Season


    The holidays are the perfect time to kick back relax and enjoy some of the most exciting video games of 2017. With such a variety of anticipated triple A games having been released, there is no lack of choices to indulge. Fill your mug with some hot cocoa, grab your favorite controller and get ready to game! These five gamers are ones you will not want to miss as the holiday hours roll by.

    Super Mario Odyssey

    Super Mario Odyssey Video GameThe world’s favorite digital Italian plumber is back on an exciting new journey. Super Mario Odyssey is a thrilling sandbox puzzle platformer full of fun environments and places to traverse. What makes Odyssey so unique in comparison with previous games in the series, is Mario’s new ability to capture enemies, with his hat named Cappie, and physically control them. This offers Mario many fresh powers and abilities along the way as he goes on a journey to a variety of Kingdoms in order to save Princess Peach.

    Destiny 2

    If you have ever dreamt of defending the solar Destiny 2 will easily be the best choice to play this holiday season. Destiny 2 provides fun gameplay that improves upon the first game of the series in nearly every way. While playing the game you collect gear, travel in your spaceship to different planets, and defend the galaxy from an assortment of space villain. Destiny 2 offers players a chance to explore and serve as intergalactic guardians who utilize very powerful abilities. With plenty of variety its combination of single player and multiplayer make it an entertaining gaming experience.


    Overwatch Video GameOverwatch had its release in 2016 but its fresh content and support has not faded. Each year, Blizzard holds online events based around holidays and other important milestones. Overwatch is a first person game that everyone can pick up and play without having to deal with any troublesome learning curves. Each hero brings an exciting element and personality to the game that provides players with appealing and relatable choices.

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Are you fascinated by dinosaurs and robots? How about both combined into one crazy adventure? Horizon Zero Dawn mixes the two together in a giant sprawling open world experience that immerses the player in exploration and story. The experience of Horizon Zero Dawn is exciting from start to finish, allowing players to adventure as they see fit while also unfolding Aloy’s story. Horizon Zero Dawn utilizes its ability to draw players into its story and deliver an enriching experience from start to finish.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is possibly the best game of the year. Nintendo has never so perfectly programmed a game from head to toe with things to do, places to explore, and memories to create. Perhaps the most impact and rewarding game on this list, it is hands down an experience that is on in which creates the types of memories that just need to be shared with those around you. Utilizing a vast open world, Nintendo has created an environment that is scalable, full of mystery, and completely absorbing. If you could only play one game during the holiday break, Breath of the Wild should be the one.

    With the holidays at our doorstep this is the perfect time to enjoy a game or two! Hopefully this list helps to narrow down the selection of games available so that you can sit down, plug in a controller, and start gaming. There is no better time to explore and enjoy all the latest video game offerings than the holiday season.
  • Novel November


    Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? It makes sense since there are so many great authors that have birthdays this month and there are many wonderful books being released. Have you ever thought of writing a novel? Maybe you should give it a whirl this month, you may find a new talent to be thankful for!

    Let’s start by looking at some new books being released this month. Renegades by Marissa Meyer was released on November 7, 2017. A gripping Science Fiction tale of superheroes riddled with plot twists. The Renegades are human, but with extraordinary abilities. They emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone... except the villains they once overthrew. Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and is on a mission for vengeance. Adrian is a Renegade boy who believes in justice-- and in Nova. But Nova's allegiance is to a villain who has the power to end them both.

    Traci Chee has released her second book in the Sea of Ink and Gold series, The Speaker. The first book, The Reader, is set in a world where reading is unheard-of, Sefia makes use of a mysterious object to track down who kidnapped her aunt Nin and what really happened the night her father was murdered. In The Speaker, Sefia and Archer's adventure continues as Archer searches for a way to combat his nightmares of his time with the impressors and Sefia becomes more and more consumed by her study of the Book. You should put both of these books on your to read list!

    We can all be thankful for these other authors that have special days this month, their birthdays! If you are looking for some books to cuddle up and relax with under a blanket as it starts getting cold and the holiday rush begins. Maybe some of these authors will strike your fancy. Neal Shusterman has some good books such as, Everlost, Bruiser, Scythe, Downsiders, or maybe you’d like a series to last you the whole winter through; Skinjacker Trilogy or the Unwind Trilogy. Maggie Stiefvater also has quite a few good books out there, Linger, Shiver, The Scorpio Races, and also some series; Raven Cycle and Wolves of Mercy Falls. Continuing on the Sci-fi authors, James Dashner also has a birthday this month. Some of his books the library has include, The Eye of Minds, The Scorch Trials, the well-known series Maze Runner Trilogy, and Mortality Doctrine Series.

    If you want to go back to some classics C.S. Lewis and Mark Twain also have birthdays this month. Now talk about Novel Writers, these two are a couple of the best! Now they might not have books that are in the Teen Collection in the library, but we definitely have their best in our collection. For C.S. Lewis, you can visit the Juvenile Department for some Chronicles of Narnia, we have the whole series. You can read about Mark Twain in his biography, Mark Twain, or go classic with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Prince and the Pauper, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

    Even though November is National Novel Writing Month, good movies usually stem from good books, right? This month at least two movies have been released that I’m sure you cannot wait to see. I think November seems to be a Sci-fi/Fantasy kind of month, many authors that write it were born this month, many books that came out this month are Sci-fi/Fantasy, and going right along with that, these movies are also Sci-fi/Fantasy. November 3, 2017 the Thor: Ragnarok movie was released. This Friday Justice League will be released. Speaking of Justice League, you can see this amazing film at the Antioch Theater for just $3 by picking up a ticket at the library. Stop by today to get your ticket!

    So many new books and movies, it will be hard to choose which one to watch and read first! That’s ok, we have a couple of long, cold months ahead of us, plenty of time to stay warm and nourish our minds with our imagination as we read these amazing novels put out by these great authors.
  • Heroes in Anime Save the Day!


    Super hero movies continue to provide an exciting escape from reality in American Culture. With how popular Japanese culture has become in the U.S., it was only a matter of time before both worlds would combine for an exciting anime series. The popular new manga adapted anime, My Hero Academia details what trials and adventures super heroes must endure to learn to save the day!

    My Hero Academia can easily be enjoyed by any audience. It incorporates themes of friendship, confidence building, and many exciting flashy heroics. Its famous predecessor is the popular series Naruto, which has helped the success of My Hero Academia through the use of many similar themes and characters. Naruto’s creator Masashi Kishimoto has even wished success for the manga and anime with a drawing of his character Naruto cheering on Midoriya to succeed.


    Through its main character Midoriya, My Hero Academia empowers confidence building through an incredibly inspiring story of friendship and teamwork. Like many of us idolize Superman, Midoriya idolizes the established super heroes of his world and draws from their good deeds so that he can achieve. An adventure for all audiences, My Hero Academia is a manga and anime that anyone who loves super heroes can enjoy. It’s great for long time anime fans as well as those who simply love a great super hero story.

    If you are a super hero or anime fan, make sure to come visit the APLD booth at Count-I-Con Friday, October 20th – Sunday, October 22nd. We will be on hand with interactive super hero fun and plenty of information as to how you can get involved in one of our anime clubs at the library. Lake Count-I-Con is an amazing opportunity to enjoy all things pop-culture. The convention hosts many creators, vendors, and interactive booths made available for the public and is full of heroes!
  • Teen Read Week

    Teen Read Week

    Come on into the library and Unleash Your Story! Write your story in six words and post it on our board on the lower level beginning October 8. You get a ticket for an awesome basket when you do! While you’re here you can vote for your favorite books that have been nominated for the Teens’ Top Ten book list. You’ll get a ticket for that too!
  • 2017 Teens' Top Ten

    It's that time of year again, results are in! Here are the books that have been nominated as the Top Teen Reads for this year. Check them out! No I mean, really check them out, see which ones we have here at the library.

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