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Antioch News May 23, 1935

Book Circulation over 5,300 Mark in Antioch Library

The Library’s circulation totaled 5,349 for the year just ended, a report of Miss Mary Stanley, librarian discloses. She attributes this increased circulation, not to a large number of increase in the number of volumes on the shelves, but to excellent reading habit among the children and adults of this community. “The reading of better books is advancing greatly,” Miss Stanley reports, “by the service which we have from Springfield.” Older readers especially are profiting by this ‘borrowing service’ from the state as many books on a variety of subjects are being read. They include, for instance, interesting side-lights on our work, books for students on gas engines, bee keeping, tariffs, sweatshops, cactus etc. and others on dramatic culture, biographies, etc. January was the month with the largest circulation and the highest average in non-fiction was 631. The monthly average circulation for the period was 110. The total number of books when the addition offered to the library by Mrs. Esther Galbraith is installed is approximately 100. Only 14 of the 100 new borrowers were of the juvenile class, the figures show. Although the school year will soon be over, Miss Stanley announces that the library will keep the same hours through the summer, namely, it will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.