Antioch News May 11, 1939

Library Receives First Periodicals

Addition Made To Reading Facilities: Gift of 60 Books Made

The reading room at Antioch Township library has received its first number of periodicals and pamphlets which are being added to the reading facilities offered to the public. While the first list of comparatively short, the Library board and Miss Mary Stanley, librarian announce that there is a possibility it may be extended if public interest warrants doing so. The magazines and papers now available are:



Popular Mechanics-Monthly




American Girl-Monthly

Reader’s Digest-Monthly


The only weeklies are The New Republic, The Pathfinder and The Monitor, The Latter a Gift From a Christian Science Church, and Life Magazine.

A gift of over 60 books has been made to the library by Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ziegher. Besides fiction, the books include a handsome set of “The Home Circle Library” in 15 volumes. It devotes 7 volumes to American, English  French Writers, with selections from their work. Other volumes include other lines of study, as geography, science, business mathematics, music, art and ancient history. A copy of Dore’s bible illustrations, a beautiful copy of Shakespeare’s works (Gasbell’s 1899 edition) and other fine books are also among those donated by Mr. & Mrs. Zielger.