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Antioch News December 2nd, 1927

Women’s Club Making an Appeal

“Buy a Book” Plan To Be Real Services to The Kids of Antioch

The “Buy a Book” plan is a way the Women’s Club hopes to fulfill its promise of a gift of fifty or a hundred books to the children of Antioch. To the parents who usually give a book to their children at Christmas time, we want to say “Why not buy a book and donate it to the public library where it will be read by lots of children, instead of being tucked away in your private book case after a week or two.” To those who have no children, we say, “what better gift for any child could you plan to give than one which all our village children could enjoy.” We have a list of books especially prepared for us and these are priced from seventy-five cents to two dollars each. These books we would like to add to our Library and all we ask is that you call Mrs. Matthews or Mrs. Warriner and tell them you wish to buy a book. This list will then be presented to you and you may pick out any title you wish. The books will then be purchased and a Christmas seal will be placed in each book stating that it is a gift to the children of Antioch from whoever has chosen that book on the list. To our Chicago friends and friends of Antioch all over our country, we extend an invitation to help us out with this “Buy-a-book” campaign, assuring you of our sincere appreciation of any aid you may give us.