Puppet Pals – Turkey Craft

Craft Steps

Open your brown paper lunch bag.

Carefully take out all of the pieces inside of the brown paper lunch bag.

Place the lunch bag right side up with the small bottom rectangle facing away from you.

Glue or tape down the feathers in alternating colors starting with dark red, then dark orange, light orange, and lastly yellow.

Glue or tape down the mouth followed by the red “snood” and lastly the two eyes.

Enjoy your brand new Puppet Pal by reading 10 Fat Turkeys by (JE Johnston), The Very Stuffed Turkey by (JE Kenah), Run Turkey Run by (JE Mayr), 10 Turkeys In The Road by (JE Sturgis), Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy by (JE Wheeler) or visit our non-fiction section to learn more about your new friend (JNF 598.645)

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