Suddenly, a lot of people are talking about Oppenheimer.  So what next?   If you are an amateur enthusiast looking to broaden your knowledge, a fiction lover whose imagination is captivated by the scientist and his era, or just someone who doesn’t want to sound uninformed at the water cooler… we’ve got something for you in our collection.

The Age of Radiance:   A broad and riveting narrative of the Atomic Age, from X-rays through Fukushima.

The magick of physics : uncovering the fantastical phenomena in everyday life:  For the layman who is just really excited about physics right now, an award winning theoretical scientist explores the physics behind the everyday miracles all around us.

 Los Alamos  A romantic detective thriller set in the city so secret it does not officially exist, Los Alamos.

The Wives of Los Alamos  A historical novel about life in the secret city of Los Alamos.

The Girls of Atomic City  A meticulously researched nonfiction book about the women behind the scenes and life in the desert at Los Alamos.

The Manhatten Project A vivid history including excerpts from many primary sources and over 60 historical photographs

Plum Wine: A Novel  A novel about culture, relationships and the consequences of war, centered around the story of a young American teaching in Tokyo who bonds with two survivors of Hiroshima.

Countdown 1945 A behind the scenes account of new President Truman and the 116 days leading up to August 6, 1945.

On Hoopla:

Oppenheimer: The Real Story  A documentary film new in 2023.

The Oppenheimer Alternative  This science fiction audiobook begins with the real history of Manhattan project and journeys into an imagined alternate history.


Manhattan Season 1  Season 1 of this TV series follows the lives of the project’s brilliant but flawed scientists and their families.

Fatman and Little Boy   Paul Newman starts in this classic film about the general in charge of the Manhattan project.


An Affair of Spies A fictional espionage thriller with the Manhattan Project as the Backdrop

Atomic Weight Love Historical fiction which moves from Chicago to Los Alamos to New Mexico, capturing the claustrophobic experience of a female scientist on the periphery of the atomic project.

Stallion Gate Oppenheimer comes alive in this novel centered around the first atomic tests.

Hiroshima in the Morning This memoir ties together the narratives of the author’s journey to Japan to interview the few remaining survivors of Hiroshima, her experiences of being there on September 11, and her own awakening as a wife and mother.

Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War The author weaves together eyewitness accounts from survivors with an analysis of the politics of censorship and denial in the U.S.  that colored much reporting about the bombing.

From Hiroshima to Nagasaki to You A primer on radiation and health.

Hiroshima  An audiobook of a classic piece of American journalism.

J. Robert Oppenheimer  Last but not least… the book that inspired the major motion picture out now.

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