Are you an emerging writer? How about an experienced one with many publications under your belt? What these two writers have in common is that they both need a place to workshop their writing. APLD hosts a group of writers in the community so they can critique each other’s work and provide constructive feedback. This step is integral in the writing process; through a workshop, you find out what works in your story and what doesn’t, which lines need to be cut, and what dialogue needs reworking. Every writer benefits from the feedback of others!

The group is a typical workshop environment where others will read your work, then discuss it. There will also be monthly writing prompts to foster your creative spirit, and encourage you to write more.

Please go to  to register. Do not sign up on Meetup. Currently, the meetings will be held virtually on the third Tuesday of each month, via Zoom, and will meet in person at the Antioch Public Library as soon as we are able.