Many children are being schooled at home right now, but learning at home isn’t just for the kids.  With the ever-changing job market, it is not only a good idea to learn new skills, it is frequently necessary. New skills are often needed to find and keep the job you want.  Whether you are trying to further your career, looking for a new job, or just develop some new talents, there are numerous opportunities to learn the skills to help you along the way.

Gale Courses is an online learning site that is free to Antioch Library card holders.  They offer over 360 highly interactive classes in a variety of disciplines, without ever having to leave your home.

There are opportunities in accounting and finance, business, computer applications, design and composition, healthcare and medical, language and arts, law and legal, personal development, teaching and education, technology, and writing and publishing.  Inside each of these subjects, you will find several more options to choose from.  For example, under technology you will find things such as graphic design and computer programming.  Under language and arts, you have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language, digital photography, and creative writing.

Not to worry! You will not be left on your own to figure everything out.  These are interactive courses lead by professional instuctors.  You are able to participate in an online classroom with other students and the instructor.

Each course is six weeks long and new sessions begin every month.  Learning new skills is right at your fingetips.  Just follow this link

If you prefer to work more at your own pace, is the place for you., also known as LinkedIn Learning, has literally thousands of video tutorials on technology, business, software and creative skills. These are on-demand video tutorials where experts in their fields are giving step by step instructions on currently needed job skills.

They have so many choices, I couldn’t fit them all on this page.  Here is just a fraction of what they offer.

Web design, video editing, user experience, typography, spreadsheets, small business marketing, screenwriting, recording techniques, public relations, project management, photography, podcasting, operating systems, network adinistration, music composition, motion graphics, logo design, languages, K-12 education, interior design, infographics, HDR, game design, film scoring, ecommerce, educational technology, digital painting, databases, cloud computing, civil engineering, branding, B2C marketing, animation, analytics, and 3D drawing.

Again, that is just a tiny amount of what they actually offer and it can all be found here.

All you need is your APLD library card.

Both of these super helpful learning platforms has somethng, if not many things, for everyone.

So, next time your kids are sitting down to do their homework, sit right down next to them and do yours.