Summer flowering bulbs are best planted in the spring after danger of frost is past and soils have warmed. Some bulbs such as begonia, caladium, and elephant ears are started indoors in February or March and moved outside after frost. Planting depths vary depending on the type of bulb being planted.

Canna and daffodils are planted between 3 to 5 inches into soil depending on size. Dahlia and Monte Retia are planted between 2 and 3 inches deep.

When planting summer bulbs in the yard think about height. Some lilies and hollyhocks have very long stems and may need the support of a fence or other structure. Alternately, just as you might plant small and tall bulbs in a spring pot, consider this with your summer bulbs as well. Place the taller bulbs between rows of peonies or similar varieties that have a smaller height.