Spring flowering bulbs are easy to grow and especially suited for containers. Large containers can hold large amounts of soil and are better suited for growing flowering bulbs. Always make sure the container has holes at the bottom for drainage. Best to use potting MIX instead of potting soil due to weight. If the pot needs to be moved, lighter mix will be most appreciated.

An easy technique for colorful containers is to layer bulbs as if making lasagna. Put a layer of soil in the bottom of container and set in taller bulbs such as tulips. Cover with several inches of soil and set in smaller bulbs such as grape hyacinth. Cover with soil and water well. In the spring, tulips will emerge with an under planting of grape hyacinth.

The one critical consideration is temperature. Bulbs need cold temperatures to flower but must not freeze. Bulbs in containers are more susceptible to freeze damage due to the limited volume of soil surrounding and protecting the bulb. In very cold climates move containers to a sheltered area such as an unheated shed, garage, or crawlspace. For larger, heavier containers wrap in bubble wrap, burlap, or even placing straw bales around the container, this will protect the bulbs.