Tom Hausman spent many years as a member of the Library Board of Trustee and for the past six years, he served as the Library Board President. Throughout his time on the Board, he always maintained that the Library Staff were the Library’s greatest asset and he never missed an opportunity to congratulate them on a job well done. At Board meetings, Tom personally made a point of presenting service awards to staff members and thanked them individually for their hard work and dedication to the Library and community. More than once he stated that, the staff were “Stewards” of this magical place (Library), a place that provides for all.

The 100 Year Anniversary Podcast provides an insight into Tom’s history here at the Library and his thoughts on what a Library means for a community. The audio is a casual discussion among Tom, several staff members of the 100th Anniversary Committee and Library Director Jennifer Drinka.

The video provided here is the last speech Tom made at the Library All-Staff meeting in November of 2022. His focus was the staff and it is a lovely tribute. This 16-minute video takes a few trips through Tom’s poetic way of getting a point across. There are many side stories and parables that wind through the speech, all illustrating that he appreciates what the Library and the staff do for the community of Antioch.