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Starting March 1, 2022, due to the start of the Library wide renovation and expansion, meeting room spaces will no longer be available for use by the public. Study space for individual or small groups (1-4 people) will be available on a first come first serve bases as room space is available during this time.

Upon reopening of the building the public will have access to new study and meeting room spaces. While we will retain two new small study rooms our larger study and meeting spaces will increase to three spaces and our large group space will increase in size allowing for larger groups and multiple groups to meet at one time.

Reserve a Room

Policy Statement

  • It is the Policy of the Antioch Public Library District to make its meeting rooms available to non-profit organizations, community groups and businesses for educational, cultural, intellectual or the planning of charitable activities. Use of the meeting room for any activity inconsistent with the Library District’s purposes will be denied or terminated.
  • Use of any of the meeting rooms for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Use to promote or oppose a specific candidate for public office or to promote support of, or opposition to, a question of public policy appearing on the ballot is prohibited.
  • All events or meetings shall be open to the public.

Definitions and Exceptions

  • An organizational meeting is defined as a structural, managerial, or executive gathering for the purpose of discussing operational methods within the non-profit organization, community group or business.
  • A commercial purpose is defined as the ultimate intent to engage in or promote a transaction in which products or services are sold. Any attempt to make attendance at any function contingent upon provision of the attendees’ names, addresses and/or telephone numbers, to require or suggest attendees to sign-in at the door, or to collect addressed invitations at the door shall be considered as subjecting the attendee or prospective attendee to future solicitation for a commercial transaction, thereby placing such activities into the category of use for a commercial purpose.
  • Notwithstanding any contrary provision herein: (a) clubs or organizations that accept the names, addresses and/or phone numbers voluntarily given by persons who wish to obtain information about membership and/or activities; and (b) commercial activities associated with a Library-sponsored function, including, but not limited to, fundraising by the Friends of the Library are not prohibited.

Reservation of Space and Application for Use

  • Reservations for the use of a meeting room shall be made with the Library Director or his/her designee and may be subject to approval by the Board of Library Trustees. Any denial or use may be appealed to the Board of Library Trustees in writing and, if upheld, the reason for denial shall be explained in writing.
  • A person applying for use of a meeting room must have a valid Antioch Public Library District Library Card and provide his or her name, address and phone number. The applicant shall be considered the person responsible for the use of the meeting room.
  • The applicant shall provide the name of the organization requesting use, the date and time desired, the expected number of attendees, and the purpose of the meeting or gathering on the Application Form provided by the Library District. In determining whether to approve or deny an application for use, the Library District shall take into consideration the following:
    • Whether the applicant represents a non-profit organization, community group or business that meets the District’s Policy regarding use.
    • Whether the applicant’s prior use of a meeting room resulted in damage to the Library District property.
    • Whether the proposed use will substantially or unnecessarily disrupt the staff’s efficient operation of the Library District for patrons not attending the meeting or event.
    • Whether the applicant previously failed to comply with this Policy.
    • Whether the meeting dates or times requested conflict with the Library District’s schedule of use of the meeting room or other planned Library activities, or with another organization’s approved and scheduled use of the meeting room.
  • Each applicant shall sign an agreement holding harmless, indemnifying and agreeing to defend the Library District, its officers, agents, volunteers and employees from and against all claims, lawsuits, damages, causes of action, judgments, settlements, losses, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from injury, death, property loss, damage or theft sustained by any person or entity resulting from or related to the use of the meeting room, the Library building or its grounds, including the parking lot for its event or meeting.
  • If a meeting room is left damaged or badly soiled after use, the cost of repair or cleaning will be billed to the user.

Priority of Use

  • Library-sponsored activities shall be given priority of use and scheduled events of other organizations may be cancelled to accommodate them. The Library will provide reasonable notice of such cancellation.
  • Applications for use shall be subject to the following priorities:
    • Library District and friends of the Library meetings, events or activities.
    • Non-Profit organizations, community groups or businesses located within the Library District and serving the Library District.
    • All other non-profit organizations, community groups or businesses.
  • The Board, Eide and Spiering Rooms may be booked on a quarterly basis, The Board and Spiering Rooms may be used on a first come first serve basis as available.

Regulations Regarding Use

  • Meetings rooms may be scheduled starting thirty (30) minutes after library opening and must terminate fifteen (15) minutes before closing. At the discretion of the Library Director or his/her designee, meeting rooms may be scheduled outside of regular library hours. The building must be vacated promptly. Cancellations of meeting room use must be received by the Library Director or his/her designee at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date and time scheduled, except that, in emergency situations, every effort must be made to cancel use at the earliest possible time.
  • Refreshments are to be served and consumed only in the scheduled meeting room. Groups should leave the room in a clean and orderly condition. All refuse and debris must be placed in the disposal containers provided and the carpet must be free of debris.
  • Users must comply with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including providing a signer when requested.
  • The Fire Department regulations state that the maximum number of persons allowed in the Eide room is 121, in the Spiering room is 18, in the Board room is 18 and in the Study room is 5.
  • Although names and addresses of attendees may not be solicited, organizations may leave information or business cards at the rear of the meeting room for the benefit of attendees.
  • Organizations must ensure that attendees comply with all rules and regulations of the Library District regarding behavior on the premises including, but not limited to, care of District property, use of prohibited substances, dress and decorum.

Regulations Regarding Advertisement of Event or Meeting

Copies of any flyers, brochures, posters or advertisements of the meeting or event and materials to be distributed at the meeting or event must be provided to the Library at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting or event and must comply with the following regulations:

  • A telephone number must be provided so that person interested will be able to obtain information without contacting the Library.
  • The material must contain the following statement: "The Antioch Public Library District neither sponsors nor endorses this (meeting/event) nor the presenting individual or organization."
  • The material must state that the public is invited to attend.
  • The sale of products is prohibited on Library property.
  • The material must indicate compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Download Meeting Room Reservation Form

Please be advised that requests are taken and approved on a first come bases. Only requests that are accompanied with a fully filled out Reservation Form, will be processed. Date request will not be discussed or confirmed over the phone, via email, or in person until all required information is submitted.

For a full copy of the SER9: USE OF MULTIPLE_PURPOSE ROOM policy CLICK HERE

For questions about meeting rooms and to submit a Meeting Room Booking Sheet, please contact Becky Jacobson in the Marketing & Communications Department.