• Double Knockout Rose is an easy to grow shrub rose. It has a season long show of colorful blooms. The most disease resistant rose variety making them easy to grow. They are self-cleaning so no need to deadhead plant.
  • Glencoe Boxwood is a dense, rounded evergreen with many closely-packed branches, covered in small green leaves. It grows 4-6 inches every year. Cold hardiness. Uniform oval habit.
  • Little Princess Spirea has dainty clusters of rose pink bloom on low-growing, mint green foliage. Good as accent plant. Easy care. Extreme cold hardiness. Tolerates urban pollution. Compact form.
  • Little Quick Fire Hydrangea blooms early about a month before other hydrangeas. White flowers transform to pink-red as summer progresses. Easy care. Compact size. Attracts bees and butterflies.
  • Ruby Spice Summersweet has fragrant spikes of small rose-pink flowers which stand above glossy green foliage in summer. Good choice for small gardens. It is deciduous and easy to care for.
  • Woodward Arborvitae features sprays of fine-textured, lacy foliage that are bright green. Grows in a rounded shape. Releases a pleasing aroma when leaves are squeezed. Provides nesting sites and cover for birds and small animals. The flower buds, seeds, and foliage are food source for wildlife.


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