Computer Classes

The Antioch District Library offers a variety of computer courses. Below is a list of the current classes we offer which is subject to change with interest level. Classes are typically offered on Wednesday Evenings and Saturday Mornings. Please see the calendar for the class schedule.

Computer Coach
One-on-one instruction with PC, Mac or mobile devices. Please call the Library at 847-395-0874 to reserve a spot. Students may use the Library’s computer or bring a personal laptop or device.
Ever see the commercials on TV about Did you know the Library has access to it? You can sign up for this class and begin looking at records to trace your ancestors through most the English-speaking world.

Wanting to buy something used locally, but don’t want to deal with the markup of secondhand stores? You can find good discounted items using Craigslist, a free online marketing site. Come learn how to navigate this handy site and find what you’re looking for. (Basic internet navigation skills required)

Excel Basics
In Excel Basics, we will go over the basic functions of spreadsheets. With Excel, you can do everything from organizing contact information to setting a monthly budget. After this class, you will know how to enter information, reorganize it, and make a financial tracking budget.

Excel Basics Workshop
In Excel Basics Workshop, you will spend the class time going over several guided exercises related to the material covered in the Excel Basics class.

Excel Intermediate I: Formulas and Functions
Did you know you can use formulas to do math problems in Excel? This class will show you how to use different parts of Excel to make your budgets and invoices hassle free. If there is a math problem, Excel can do it, making your life easier and your record keeping a breeze.

Excel Intermediate I: Formulas and Functions Workshop
In this workshop, you will spend the class time going over several guided exercises related to the material covered in the Excel Formulas and Functions class.

Excel Intermediate II: Pivot Tables and Charts
In the Excel Pivot Tables section, we will go over the various ways pivot tables can help us find different points of data within complex spreadsheets. In the Charts section, we will look at the data from different categories and use Excel to analyze it to produce charts for comparing the data together.

Excel Intermediate II: Pivot Tables and Charts Workshop
In this workshop, we will have guided exercises to reinforce what we learned in the Pivot Tables and Charts Class. We will cover areas of locating specific data points and building charts to compare data.

Intro to Google
Did you know Google is more than just an email and search engine. In Google, you can create word documents and spreadsheets, as well as manage a calendar of events and store photos. Using the power of Cloud technology, Google has streamlined many everyday uses of technology into one easy to use place—your google account. All you need to get started with these amazing free services is a google email account. Come see what the world of Google has to offer to make your technology easy and accessible. (Must have a Gmail email, bring Login and Password)

Microsoft Word Basics
The Basics of Microsoft Word is designed to get you familiar with creating Word based documents. Anyone can type a letter to a friend. However, in this class, you will learn how to make fancy typesets, reorganize words and phrases, and even insert images to help communicate to people in creative ways.

Microsoft Word Intermediate
Is Word becoming more of a staple in your projects? Do you need to unlock greater functionality like footnotes, WordArt, and Spellchecking? If you are familiar with the basics of Microsoft Word and want to further develop your skills, then this intermediate class is perfect for you.

Online Shopping
Did you know that many rare and used items can be found online? This class will go through the basics of shopping at some of the most common online sites, including Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist. We will also go over safety precautions to protect yourself from Identity Theft. (Bring Login and Password for Facebook and for backup email)

Photoshop Basics
Photoshop is a common term we use today that refers to altering pictures. Often we think that only professionals can use Adobe Photoshop. In this class, we will cover some of the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop and make some fun alterations of photos.

PowerPoint Basics
Learn the basics of PowerPoint presentation. In this class we will go over the basic layout of PowerPoint 2016 and create slides so you will know how to make a slideshow presentation for friends, family, or work.

PowerPoint Basics Workshop
Take everything you learned in the PowerPoint Basics Class and apply it to exercises in this workshop style class to help you better make slideshow presentations with PowerPoint 2016.

PowerPoint Intermediate
With PowerPoint Intermediate, we will go over setting up a PowerPoint with images, videos, transitions, animations, and more.

PowerPoint Intermediate Workshop
Take what you learned in the PowerPoint Intermediate class and put it to practice in exercises built just for that.

Publisher Basics
With MS Publisher Basics we will go over Publisher’s basic functions. We will create a basic publisher file, tour the Publisher ribbons & menus, format page layout, and insert & arrange images & texts.

Publisher Basics Workshop
In this workshop, we will go through guided exercises from the functions from the Publisher Basics Class. This will include creating files, using the ribbons and menus, formatting page layouts, and inserting images and texts.

Publisher Brochures
In this class we will learn how to format and create brochures in MS Publisher. Our class will include typing and aligning our texts, and inserting images/photos. We will also cover some print settings for our fold preferences.

Mobile Device Classes

Intro to Android Mobile Devices
How do I know if I have an Android device? Generally, if it is not an iphone, ipad, or apple product, chances are it is an Android. We will have small classes that focus on the basics of Android devices. We will go over important functions, apps, and how to make your device work for you. (Bring passwords and backup emails for accessing Google Play Store)

Intro to Apple Mobile Devices
Do you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad that you know can do amazing things, but just haven’t figured out how to do them? We will have small classes that focus on the basics of Apple devices. We will go over important functions, apps, and how to make your device work for you. (Bring Login and Password for iTunes/iCloud and for backup email)

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