Reimagine Your Library

On Tuesday, November 3, there will be a building bond referendum on the ballot to expand and remodel your Library. The Antioch Public Library District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place a question on the ballot to put the decision into our community’s hands. The Library will be turning 100 years old in 2021, and this will be the first time a referendum question has been submitted to the community for funds dedicated solely to a building project. The Board of Trustees and I would like to invite you to learn more about this project by visiting our website and attending a Community Information Session. To pique your interest, some of the topics we have been exploring include:

  • In response to the Summer 2017 Community Survey, Board and staff have been working with StudioGC Architecture to develop a sustainable plan to take the Library into the future.
  • The building project includes: expanded space for children, a dedicated teen room, more study rooms, a work area supporting small businesses and home-based workers, a studio space for hands-on projects, an enlarged and improved public meeting room, as well as a fireplace reading room and coffee area.
  • The cost to update existing infrastructure is approximately $1,600,000 of total project cost. Repairs and updates to the roof, HVAC system and other building systems are required even if the Library is not modernized.
  • The total project cost is $9,600,000, which would result in approximately an additional $50 per year in property taxes for a home with a market value of $200,000 (or $0.14 a day).

A Look To The Future

The project subject to the upcoming referendum is professionally designed to enhance the Library as a place of engagement and a cultural center for our community. With this in mind, we want to start looking forward together.

What changes could we expect?

  • Bigger and more functional spaces for children and teens to explore and engage
  • Designed to be a more welcoming experience with comfortable spaces, a fireplace and coffee bar for reading and gathering
  • A dedicated studio space for crafting, technology and hands-on learning
  • An inspiring environment for collaborative work, small group meetings and expanded small business support