Hey, parents! Do you remember the thrill of the encyclopedia? Glossy covers? Taken as a whole the spines created a stunning picture of the world? Individually they contained a host of knowledge unavailable anywhere else? Where else could you find information on aardvarks, Aarhus and John Quincy Adams within the same volume?

For most of us the encyclopedia was a special treat long relegated to reference collections and available to browse only with in the hallowed halls of the library. Sure for a few cents you could make a copy of a page or two (my memories are filled with the squeaks and groans of an ancient yellowed Xerox machine), but those copies were never quite as magical.

Now at the Antioch Public Library District you can take that magic home with you. Our entire set of brand new 2018 World Book encyclopedias are available for checkout. You can find them in the Juvenile Nonfiction collection (we cleared a shelf specially for them so the spine pictures is complete!). Stop in today. Pick a letter and learning something new!