Explore and learn in your own backyard. These fun, educational kits will encourage children to view the wondrous world of nature through new eyes. Both kids include a National Geographic Field Guide and magnifying glass. The insect kit includes a bug catcher with built in magnification, 2 butterfly nets and a set of 3D bug identification cards.

The bird kit includes child sized binoculars, a compass, a bird call and a deck of bird identification cards. Also included in this kit is instructions from Cornell Lab of Ornithology Celebrate Urban Birds program. This program is aimed at creating “Citizen Scientists” who gather and share information about the habitats in their own backyards. The instructions are easy, but do need to be followed in order to not invalidate the data. The website for sharing your results is included in the packet. Creating an account is required. If you would rather not do so, but still want your numbers counted, you can let the staff at the children’s desk know and we will add your results under the library’s account.