Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Speaking of the New Year, have you made any resolutions? This year instead of making any New Year’s resolutions why don’t you accept a new year’s reading challenge? There are lots of reading challenges out there, some crazy long and some super short. How about I give you one that’s right in-between (well actually more on the short side). I want this to be a challenge you can actually pull off and have fun with! Ready? Here goes:

In 2018 I will read:
     · A book set in a different country
     · A book that has been or is going to be made into a movie
     · A book by an author I haven’t read yet
     · A book in a genre I don’t usually read
     · A book I picked out because I loved the cover
     · A graphic novel
     · A book a friend recommended

I told you this would be on the short side! But hopefully once you get started on this challenge you won’t want to stop reading. And maybe you have discovered that you really do like mystery books. If you want any more challenges or recommendations, please stop by and ask!