Computer Classes

Antioch District Library offers a variety of computer courses for you to take. Below are some examples of what we offer. Please see the Calendar for all currently available classes with dates and times.


Computer Coach

One-on-one instruction will help you get started with e-mail, word processing, or other computer skills currently covered in the library’s computer classes. One-on-one instruction with Mac and mobile devices is also available. Please call the library at 847-395-0874 to reserve a spot. Students may use the library’s computer or bring a personal laptop or device. Please be aware that computer coaching sessions are limited to one session per person per month due to the popularity of this program.


Computer Basics

The Computer Basics Class is designed to get you started in using the computer. From identifying the “On/Off” buttons to how to use the keyboard and mouse. In this class you will become familiar with the parts of a computer you normally use every day.


Basics of Microsoft Word

The Basics of Microsoft Word is designed to get you familiar with creating Word documents. Anyone can type a letter to a friend. However, in this class, you will learn how to make fancy fonts, reorganize words and phrases, and even insert images to help communicate with people in creative ways.


Microsoft Word Intermediate

Is Word becoming more of a staple in your projects? Do you need to unlock greater functionality like footnotes, WordArt, and Spellchecking? If you are familiar with the basics of Microsoft Word and want to further develop your skills, then this intermediate class is perfect for you.


Excel Basics

In Excel Basics, we will go over the basic functions of spreadsheets. With Excel, you can do everything from organizing contact information to setting a monthly budget. After this class, you will know how to enter information, reorganize it, and make a financial tracking budget.


Excel Formulas and Functions

Did you know you can use formulas to do math problems in Excel? This class will show you how to use different parts of Excel to make your budgets and invoices hassle free. If there is a math problem, Excel can do it, making your life easier and your record keeping a breeze.


Intro to PowerPoint

Learn the basics of PowerPoint presentation. In this class we will go over the basic layout of PowerPoint 2010 and create slides so you will know how to make a slideshow presentation for friends, family, or work.


Basics of Photoshop

Photoshop is a common term we use today that refers to altering pictures. Often we think that only professionals can use Adobe Photoshop. In this class, we will cover some of the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop and make some fun alterations to photos.


Web Basics

Web Basics is designed to help you understand the internet and how to navigate through it. We will define common internet terms, learn how to search for what you want, and explain internet security and safety.


Facebook for Beginners (PC)

Facebook for Beginners is designed to get you familiar with using Facebook as a way to connect with family and friends on your home computer. We will start by showing you how to set up an account. By the end of the class you should be able to log on, post status updates, upload pictures, and start making friends. This is for desktop computers (Bring Login and Password for Facebook and for backup email).


Unlocking the Cloud

The Cloud sounds like a mysterious technology for computer geniuses. It is anything but. In this class, we will go over what “The Cloud” is and how to make it work for you. We will explore different versions of “The Cloud,” how to access it, and how to ensure you will never lose your important files to a virus or computer crash ever again. (Bring Login and Password for email and for backup email).


Intro to Google

Did you know Google is more than just an email and search engine. In Google, you can create word documents and spreadsheets, as well as manage a calendar of events and store photos. Using the power of Cloud technology, Google has streamlined many everyday uses of technology into one easy to use place—your google account. All you need to get started with these amazing free services is a google email account. Come see what the world of Google has to offer to make your technology easy and accessible. (Must have a Gmail email, bring Login and Password).


Online Shopping

Did you know that many rare and used items can be found online? This class will go through the basics of shopping at some of the most common online sites, including Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist. We will also go over safety precautions to protect yourself from Identity Theft.


Get Familiar With Your Device (Drop-In)

If you got a new electronic device for the Holidays, you can drop in and have our technology instructor give you a tour of its basic functions.


Intro to Android Mobile Devices

How do I know if I have an Android device? Generally, if it is not an iPhone, iPad, or Apple product, chances are it is an Android. We will have small classes that focus on the basics of Android devices. We will go over important functions, apps, and how to make your device work for you. (Bring Login and Password for Facebook and for backup email).


Intro to Apple Mobile Devices

Do you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad that you know can do amazing things, but just haven’t figured out how to do them? We will have small classes that focus on the basics of Apple devices. We will go over important functions, apps, and how to make your device work for you. (Bring Login and Password for iTunes/iCloud and for backup email).


Facebook for Mobile Devices

Is your primary access to Facebook your tablet or phone? Do you see friends and family doing so much on Facebook you wonder “How do they do that?” Then this class may be for you. We will cover the basic functions of Facebook for mobile devices, the different functions available in the app, and how to move around in it. (Needed: Mobile device, Facebook Login and Password, Cell phone #, and email linked to Facebook account)